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2.7.1918 – 17.8.2011

David Mandie AM, OBE arrived in Australia with his family in 1921 and spent his formative years in Richmond. Forced to leave school at 13 during the Great Depression he worked in the family barber and tobacconist shop, Mandie Stores. In 1953 he purchased a wholesale liquor business from the estate of hotelier James Richardson (est. 1892) and merged the two businesses, opening the way to become Melbourne’s leading tobacco, wine and spirit distributor.

In 1956 (whilst travelling in Czechoslovakia) he decided to branch out into furniture importation. The deal was sealed “on a handshake” and more than 50 years later the James Richardson Group still deals with that same Czech company. This furniture business continues to thrive today now incorporating JR/Sit, JR/Work, JR/Weave and the more recent acquisition of LMI Concepts, now JR/LMI.

In 1972 he saw the potential of duty free retailing and launched James Richardson in that market. He soon became known as the “Pioneer of Duty Free” in Australia and built the company into an industry leader. JR/Duty Free now operates in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Tahiti, and the newer JR/Watch Co. in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

When Brisbane and Christchurch were hit so terribly by flood and earthquake, our businesses suffered severe damage. For Mr Mandie it was never about the losses JR had incurred, but always about the staff, their safety and well-being.

David Mandie was not only a high achiever in business, but was also a keen and successful sportsman, playing district cricket for the Prahran Cricket Club. After his playing days he retained a lifelong interest in the club as their Trustee and Patron-in-Chief.

His passion for the Richmond Football Club was legendary. He saw his first game at age 5 and “lost his heart” - the beginning of a lifetime of support for The Tigers, where he held the position of No. 1 Ticket Holder and Premier Patron for many, many years up until his passing. His passion and commitment to the Club, and to life in general was apparent, when at the age of 90 he purchased a Richmond Football Club 100 Year Membership.

The name David Mandie has always been synonymous with philanthropy with particular focus on Health, Arts, Education and Sport. He was proud and humbled when his service to the community was acknowledged with an MBE in 1965, an OBE in 1980 and then an AM Order of Australia in 2003.

He gave his time as a committee member, trustee, patron and supporter of far too many organisations to mention.

He was a man of passion, drive and commitment; a man of presence, integrity and loyalty.

We at JR are privileged to have been guided and mentored by this truly remarkable and dignified man, who lived an extraordinary life and gave so much to others.

James Richardson, established in 1892, has a long and rich history. A family owned business based in Melbourne, it has diversified interests as a major duty free retailer, an importer and distributor of commercial furniture and fabrics, as well as a significant property and investment portfolio.

In 1953, after beginning his career selling tobacco from his father’s barber shop, the late David Mandie AM, OBE purchased the wholesale wine and spirits business of hotelier Jimmy Richardson and combined it with his existing tobacco, wine and spirits distribution business.

James Richardson has been active in duty free retailing since 1972 and David Mandie was regarded as the pioneer of the duty free industry within Australia.

Today James Richardson is listed in the world’s top 20 duty travel retail companies. JR/Duty Free operates at Darwin and Cairns Airports, as well as off-airport stores in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. Also operating in New Zealand and Israel, James Richardson has an interest in Tahiti Duty Free. In New Zealand JR/Duty Free is the major duty free operator at Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington Airports. At Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv it operates one of the largest single duty free stores in the world.

JR/Watch Co. Luxury Watch Boutiques offer some of the most exclusive brands and are located at Melbourne Airport, Auckland Airport, Sydney and Brisbane.

1956 saw the birth of the James Richardson furniture division when importation from Czechoslovakia and Italy commenced. Today JR/ Sit carry the original brand Ton chairs, making it the leading supplier of bentwood chairs in Australia.

JR/ Weave division was created in 2000 to complement the furniture division and today imports some of the most sought after commercial grade textiles from around the world.

JR/Work, established in 2002, is an extension of the JR/Sit division and specialises in supplying office systems to commercial markets.

LMI Concepts, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of furniture to the accommodation and hospitality markets, was acquired in 2010 to further strengthen JR/Sit, JR/Work and JR/Weave.

James Richardson Furniture has sales offices and showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane and this national coverage offers customers the broadest range of products.

The James Richardson philosophy is to reinvest and grow for the future. As a result, over its long history James Richardson has acquired an extensive property portfolio, mostly comprising commercial assets. A sub-division of this strategy has seen James Richardson also offer financial services and mortgage lending.

Today the James Richardson Group employs over 2,300 people spanning three countries across the globe and in 2012 was ranked 85th on the BRW Top 500 List of privately-owned companies in Australia.

Whilst James Richardson’s reach is global its impact has a strong local focus and it is very involved in the communities in which it is active.

Environmental Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Quality Policy


Founded by hotelier Jimmy Richardson.


The wholesale wines and spirits business acquired by the owner David Mandie AM, OBE.


The merger of James Richardson and the Mandie Stores tobacco businesses opens the way to become Melbourne's leading tobacco, wines and spirits distributor.


Commences furniture importing, assembling and distribution.


Enters into Duty Free retailing at Brisbane Airport.

Commences the distribution of perfumes and cosmetics to Australian retail market.


Expansion of Duty Free retailing in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Cairns Airports and 23 stores in all major city centres.


Commences international duty free retailing at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.


Sells Australian Duty Free operation to Swissair.


Commences importing and selling textiles for the commercial market.


Opens new purpose built showroom in Sydney for furniture and fabric divisions.


Commences supplying office systems to commercial markets as an extension into commercial furniture markets.


James Richardson in Israel successfully wins tender to retain license to operate Duty Free Store at new Airport Terminal. One of the world's largest single duty free stores (3000 square metres) is opened in November 2004.

James Richardson rebrands to give clarity to its markets:

  • JR/Group:
    James Richardson Corporate Division
  • JR/Sit:
    Contract Furniture
  • JR/Work:
    Office Systems
  • JR/Weave:
    Commercial Textiles
  • JR/Duty Free – Duty Free retailing in
    Australia & New Zealand


James Richardson, trading as JR/Duty Free, re-enters the Duty Free Industry in Australia opening city centre stores in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.


Successfully bids for the Duty Free license at Darwin Airport and commences a 10 year contract on 1 February 2007.


Opens a city centre store in Brisbane.


Opens first JR/ Watch Co. boutique within Brisbane Duty Free location, offering some of the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

Awarded one of two Duty Free licenses at Auckland Airport and commences on 1 July 2009. Purchases the Duty Free concession at Wellington International Airport and Discover New Zealand business at Christchurch and Wellington from the Nuance Group and begins operating on 1 July 2009.

Successfully tenders for the Duty Free concession at Christchurch Airport to commence July 2010.


Acquires LMI Concepts, specialists in serviced apartment, club, food chain and restaurant fit outs. With the acquisition of LMI Concepts the combined expertise, range and stock availability is unsurpassed in Australia.

JR/Duty Free begins operating the Duty Free concession store at Christchurch International Airport.

JR/Watch Co. opens at Auckland International Airport.


JR/Watch Co. opens at Melbourne International Airport in January 2011.

James Richardson Israel negotiates an extension to its concession at Ben Gurion Airport (until October 2014) and successfully holds its border crossing concessions with Jordan and Egypt (Sinai) in a contested tender.

JR/Duty Free enters into a joint venture operation in Tahiti at Papeete Airport.


Successfully tenders for the Duty Free concession at Cairns International Airport and commences operation on 1 March 2012.


James Richardson Israel successfully tenders and secures the licence to operate at Ben Gurion Airport until 2024.

JR/Duty Free are confirmed as the successful bidder at Brisbane International Airport and will commence operation on 1 September 2014.

JR/Duty Free commences operations at Perth International Airport on 1 November 2013.

At James Richardson our business philosophy is to provide our customers with great service and quality product. A fundamental part of this philosophy is the support and commitment of our team members.

James Richardson is committed to a fair approach to the recruitment, assessment and selection process, ensuring consistency with equal opportunity principles.

We have exciting career opportunities that arise and are always on the lookout for people with a positive attitude and proactive nature. We invite you to express your interest in pursuing a career path within the James Richardson Group. Please review our current vacancies online at dux.worldmanager.com/careers to apply. When forwarding your application, please attach a cover letter outlining the area in which you would like to work. Should we not have a related position available, we will retain your details in our “Talent Pool” for future contact when a suitable role arises.


  • Chair: Evelyn Danos
  • Director/CEO: Milton Lasnitzki
  • Chairman Duty Free Global: Garry Stock

Head Office:

  • 35-45 Lithgow Street,
  • Abbotsford 3067 VIC Australia
  • T: +61 3 9428 1621 F: +61 3 9429 1428
  • Email: jrgroup@jamesrichardson.com.au
  • Web: www.jamesrichardson.com.au




  • 35-45 Lithgow Street,
  • Abbotsford 3067 VIC Australia
  • T: +61 3 9428 1621 F: +61 3 9429 1428

Darwin: Darwin International Airport

  • Henry Wrigley Drive, Marrara 0812 NT
  • T: +61 8 8927 0255 F: +61 8 8927 0149
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: darwin@jrdutyfree.com.au

Cairns: Cairns International Airport

  • Airport Avenue, Cairns Airport, Cairns QLD 4870
  • T: +61 7 4034 9355 F: +61 7 4035 9544
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: cairns@jrdutyfree.com.au

Melbourne: 185 Swanston Street

  • 185 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 VIC
  • T: +61 3 9663 0533 F: +61 3 9663 2811
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: melbourne@jrdutyfree.com.au

Adelaide: 25 King William Street

  • 25 King William Street, Adelaide 5000 SA
  • T: +61 8 8212 9266 F: +61 8 8410 3466
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: adelaide@jrdutyfree.com.au

Perth: 772 Hay Street

  • 772 Hay Street, Perth 6000 WA
  • T: +61 8 9322 2688 F: +61 8 9322 5088
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: perth@jrdutyfree.com.au

Brisbane: 27 Adelaide Street

  • 27 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 4000 QLD
  • T: +61 7 3003 1588 F: +61 7 3003 0991
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  • Email: brisbane@jrdutyfree.com.au


  • 88 Montgomerie Road, Mangere. Auckland New Zealand 2022
  • T: +64 9256 7840 F: +64 9275 4162
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.co.nz

Auckland: Auckland International Airport

  • T: +64 9 255 0640
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.co.nz
  • Email: aklairport@jrdutyfree.co.nz

Wellington: Wellington International Airport

  • T: +64 4 380 8400
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.co.nz
  • Email: wlgairport@jrdutyfree.co.nz

Christchurch: Christchurch International Airport

  • T: +64 3 358 0260
  • Web: www.jrdutyfree.co.nz
  • Email: chchairport@jrdutyfree.co.nz


  • Ben Gurion Airport P.O.B. 90   70100 Israel
  • T: +972 3 971 2482 T: +972 3 971 2344
    F: 972 3 971 2342
  • Web: www.dutyfree.co.il
  • Email: customerservice@j-r.co.il


Melbourne: Melbourne International Airport

  • Departures Retail Precinct (after immigration)
  • T: +61 3 8416 8189
  • Web: www.jrwatchco.com.au
  • Email: melbourne@jrwatchco.com.au

Brisbane: 27 Adelaide Street

  • 27 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 4000 QLD
  • T: +61 7 3003 1588 F: +61 7 3003 0991
  • Web: www.jrwatchco.com.au
  • Email: brisbane@jrwatchco.com.au

Auckland: Auckland International Airport

  • Departures Retail Precinct (after immigration)
  • T: +61 9 255 4254
  • Web: www.jrwatchco.com.au
  • Email: auckland@jrwatchco.co.nz


Our showrooms

  • Email: jrwork@jamesrichardson.com.au
  • Web: www.jamesrichardson.com.au

Melbourne: 35-45 Lithgow Street

  • 35-45 Lithgow Street,
  • Abbotsford 3067 VIC Australia
  • T: +61 3 9428 1621 F: +61 3 9429 1428

Adelaide: 274-280 Waymouth Street

  • 274-280 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 SA
  • T: +61 8 8211 8966 F: +61 8 8231 4354

Sydney: 10/198-222 Young Street

  • 10/198-222 Young Street, Waterloo 2017 NSW
  • T: +61 2 9310 7155 F: +61 2 9310 7321

Brisbane: 105 Robertson Street

  • 105 Robertson Street Fortitude Valley 4006 QLD
  • T: +61 7 3257 2133 F: +61 7 3257 1477

Perth: 121 Burswood Road

  • 121 Burswood Road, Burswood 6100 WA
  • T: +61 8 9355 4100 F: +61 8 9355 4126

JR/Duty Free offers world-class duty free and retail shopping, located in airports across Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Tahiti and in the city centre of the main capitals of Australia.

Experience the convenience of finding everything you’re looking for within one store; from luxury brands and designer fashion to an extensive range of beauty, fragrance, electronics, liquor products and wine.

Shopping within the modern and stylish surroundings of a JR/Duty Free store is a complete experience. Our friendly staff will provide expert advice and personal attention to assist with your selection.

You will find JR/Duty Free stores at these locations:


  • Darwin International Airport
  • Cairns International Airport
  • Perth International Airport
  • 25-27 King William Street, Adelaide
  • 27 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
  • 185 Swanston Street, Melbourne
  • 772 Hay Street, Perth

New Zealand

  • Auckland International Airport
  • Christchurch International Airport
  • Wellington International Airport


  • Ben Gurion International Airport
  • Jordan Valley Border Crossing
  • Tabor (Sinai, Egypt) Border Crossing
  • Ashdod Port Terminal
  • Haifa Port Terminal

James Richardson was the pioneer of Duty Free retailing in Australia. Led by the late David Mandie AM, OBE, James Richardson opened its first Duty Free store at Brisbane Airport in 1972 and over the next 23 years it operated at every major airport (Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne) in Australia. In addition it operated up to 25 city stores. James Richardson sold its Australian Duty Free division in 1995 to the Duty Free division of Nuance, a subsidiary of Swissair.

Since 1988, James Richardson has operated the principal Duty Free license consisting of liquor, tobacco, fragrance, skincare and confectionery at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv. As demonstration of its successful performance, it retained the concession for the second time in 2004 to operate for a further 7 years. In 2011 this concession was extended for another 4 years. James Richardson also holds the concession for confectionery, sports, footwear and clothing at Ben Gurion Airport, as well as men's fashion (Boss, Lacoste, Armani). James Richardson also operates Duty Free stores at the border crossings to Jordan and Egypt (recently renewed till 2021), at Ashdod and Haifa ports, on cruise ships and also on passenger airlines.

In December 2005 James Richardson returned to Duty Free retailing in Australia with the opening of 3 Duty Free stores within the CBD of each at Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The store designs are world class, the environment outstanding and results to date are impressive. A further store opened in Brisbane CBD in early 2008. These stores offer a wide range of designer brands and products which are available either duty free or tax free (dependent on the product category) and in many case these products are available to non-travelling customers just by paying the GST.

In 2006 James Richardson successfully bid for the Duty Free Concession at Darwin International Airport and February 2007 marked the commencement of this operation.

In 2009 JR/ Duty Free expanded its operations across the Tasman and into New Zealand. JR/ Duty Free was successful in being awarded one of the two licenses at Auckland International Airport. The entry to Wellington resulted from the purchase of the Regency Duty Free business and “Discover New Zealand” at both Wellington and Christchurch airports.

JR/Duty Free opened its doors at both Auckland and Wellington International Airports on July 1 2009, and the growth did not stop there. In July 2010 the business opened at Christchurch International Airport and in March 2012, JR/Duty Free opened at Cairns International Airport in Australia.

The successful journey of JR/Duty Free continues with the opening at Perth International Airport in November 2013.